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C sqldataadapter rowupdating

If the connection is closed before Fill is called, it is opened to retrieve data, and then closed.

For instance, when we call the Data Adapter's Fill method to retrieve data from a data source and pour it into a Data Set, the Command object in the Select Command property is used.

In ADO, if we used a client-side Recordset, our data was disconnected from the data source.

To do that, the Data Adapter lets us specify the commands that should be carried out to retrieve and update data.

If a primary key exists, incoming rows are merged with matching rows that already exist.

If no primary key exists, incoming rows are appended to the Data Table.

Note When handling batch SQL statements that return multiple results, the implementation of Fill Schema for the OLE DB .

NET Data Provider retrieves schema information for only the first result.

Update Batch performed our updates any way that it saw fit.