Start C 14 carbon dating

C 14 carbon dating

Mountains rise out of fold belts resulting from the crumpling of plates, and where differences in plate buoyancy allow, one plate rides over another, forcing the other plate to follow the convection current into the aesthenosphere.

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Sedimentology, carbon isotope and sequence stratigraphic analysis of subsurface sediments from western part of Ganges–Brahmaputra (GB) delta plain shows that a Late Quaternary marine clay and fluvial channel-overbank sediments of MIS 5 and 3 highstands are traceable below the Holocene strata.

There is also the problem of pressure systems carrying volcanic plumes several hundred kilometers to station locations.

For example, the observatory in New Zealand, located somewhere along the 41 parallel, is within 250 km of Tanaki and the entire North Island active volcanic province.

From 7 ka onward progradation of delta plain started and continued till recent.

This period experienced a mixed C3–C4 vegetation with localized mangroves in the mid-Holocene to dominant return of C4 vegetation in the late Holocene period.

Based on this brief literature survey, we may conclude that volcanic CO is exclusively anthropogenic.