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It is believed that the serpent, Vasuki, offered to serve as the rope for the churning.

At that time the city had a large harbour at Champanagar, now known as Champanala on the Ganges which flows through the western boundary of the present city near Nathnagar.

Many boats and coins of the Middle and Far East were collected during archaeological excavations carried out during the 1970s.

The river is home to the Gangetic dolphin, the National Aquatic Animal of India, The name Bhagalpur is etymologically derived from Bhagdatpuram (meaning city of Good Luck), as it was called during the flourishing period of the Anga Kingdom.

Bhagdatpuram, as per Hindu mythological texts, was the place where the gods (devtas) and demons (asuras) churned the ocean to procure elixir (amrit).

It was the medieval centre for the conservation and propagation of Buddhist education, established at the end of the 8th century.

Bhagalpur formed a part of the ancient Sanskrit kingdom of Anga, said to be ruled by king Karna of Mahabharata who was well known for his charity.

The Silk Institute and Agricultural University are located in the city.