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In 2006, Condé Nast bought Wired News for $25 million, reuniting the magazine with its website.

David Rowan from Wired UK was awarded the BSME Launch of the Year 2009 award.

Ratliff was found September 8 in New Orleans by a team effort, which was written about by Ratliff in a later issue. In 2012, Limor Fried became the first female engineer featured on the cover of Wired.

From 1998 to 2006, Wired magazine and Wired News (which publishes at had separate owners.

Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has been in publication since March/April 1993.

Wired, which touted itself as "the Rolling Stone of technology," The founding executive editor of Wired, Kevin Kelly, was an editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and the Whole Earth Review, and brought with him contributing writers from those publications.

Six authors of the first Wired issue (1.1) had written for Whole Earth Review, most notably Bruce Sterling (who was highlighted on the first cover) and Stewart Brand.

The fortune of the magazine and allied enterprises corresponded closely to that of the dot-com bubble.