Start Avatar last airbender dating sim

Avatar last airbender dating sim

Play Now Super Fall Brawl Play as Aang against other Nick Characters you can select Aang as one of your characters and compete against other Nickelodeon characters in some fast paced one on one fighting.

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Play Now Rise of The Phoenix King Go one on one against the Firelord relive Aangs final battle against the Phoenix King in some intense one on one action.

Dodge and fire at the firelord in an intense battle, watch out for those fireball.

Elemental Escape EDITORS CHOICE For Best Avatar Flash Game, play simultaneously as Toph, Aang, and Katara.

Solve challenging puzzles while fighting off Firenation troops.

This game would be much better with multiplayer but alas it doesn’t have that feature, and sometimes the game is to easy, but otherwise this is a great game!