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Lopez said that on his client's last scheduled day in Aruba, he asked authorities if he needed to stay.

"They didn't answer it, and on his way to the airport, they detained him as a suspect for murder," Lopez said.

Michael Lopez, Giordano's attorney, said Tuesday his client came to Aruba on vacation with a female friend he had met on a dating site and has known for years.

Lopez told reporters that his client has been cooperating with police.

Witnesses have said they saw the couple on the beach.

Authorities have impounded a rental car and electronic devices in Giordano's possession, Stein said.

Angela said her office could only identify the suspect publicly by his initials: GVG. The prosecutor's office released a statement later Tuesday that provided some detail.

"He is suspected of involvement in the disappearance of Miss Gardner," Angela said, adding that the man is a 50-year-old U. The suspect told authorities that he had been snorkeling with Gardner behind Nanki Country Club when he signaled to her to swim back, the statement read.

Forester said Tuesday that before Gardner's trip, the two argued over "the circumstances of her travel" to Aruba.

He last heard from her on August 2 in a Facebook message, in which she said they would "work it out" when she got back.

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