Start Are dominic monaghan and evangeline lilly still dating

Are dominic monaghan and evangeline lilly still dating

EVANGELINE LILLY "almost died' in a mountaineering accident earlier this year (06), when she slid over a crevice.

The tomboy actress, who plays ex-con KATE in the hit desert island show, admits her British castmate is more of...

Canadian actress EVANGELINE LILLY has praised movie-makers GEORGE CLOONEY and MICHAEL MOORE for creating intelligent, thought-provoking films.

Moore's documentaries BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and FAHRENHEIT 9/11 are among the most successful documentaries of all time, while...

Larger-than-life LOST star JORGE GARCIA is thrilled he is being turned into an action figure - although he's disappointed the makers wouldn't let him change his looks for it. Hollywood actress EVANGELINE LILLY is glad LOST was overlooked at this year's (AUG06) Emmy Awards - because she doesn't want the show cast and crew to become complacent.