Start Android market app statistics not updating

Android market app statistics not updating

These numbers will keep on changing, almost every day. I last updated in Feb 2018 Feel free to share these stats with everyone, a link back would be appreciated. – Adestra “Consumer Adoption & Usage Study” (2016) 55% of consumers 56-67 say they will never read email on their mobile first. – Adestra “Consumer Adoption & Usage Study” (2016) More email is read on Mobile than on desktop email clients.

Food Service, Sports & Entertainment have a high mobile readership of 57 percent .

While reading email on mobile accounts for 28 percent for Computer Hardware & Telecommunications.

– Freshmail “Best practices for email coding” (May 2015) 56% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q4 2015, compared to 54% in Q3 2015.

– Experian “Quarterly email benchmark report” (Q4 2015) 40 percent of consumers said that their mobile phone is their primary device for checking email.

– Blue Hornet “Customer Views of email marketing 2015” (2015) Webmail and desktop opens have steadily declined throughout 2015, each dropping 13% since January.

–”Email Analytics” (Nov 2015) 75 percent of Gmail users access their accounts on mobile devices. – Google / Tech Crunch “I/O developers conference” (May 2015) Responsive design results in a nearly 15% increase in unique clicks for mobile users from a 2.7% average to 3.3%.

Mobile replies have a median reply time of only 28 minutes, followed by emails sent from tablets with 57 minutes and finally replies from desktops with 62.