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His creativity is noted in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, Castellani House on Homestretch Avenue, the vaulted ceiling at the Public Buildings, the Brickdam Police Station and the Palms Geriatric Institution on Brickdam.

The architectural design of City Hall was done by Father Ignatius Scoles, featuring a Gothic Revival style, built in a rectangular shade in timber with three floors.

Prominent features included the towers with wrought-iron correlations and the hammer beam roof.

It was designed by British architect, Arthur Bloomfield, with mainly Gothic arches, clustered columns and flying buttresses.

It is the fourth St George’s built by the Anglican Church and was opened in 1893.

Today, we are witnessing this iconic characteristic evolving into a bustle of concrete, steel and glass fabrications that leave much to be desired in terms of architectural talent that can impress future generations the way Cesar Castellani, John Bradshaw Sharples, Joseph Hadfield and others from the 18th and 19th centuries did.

The works of these men live on today in charming historical remnants such as the Public Buildings, Victoria Law Courts, Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, Walter Roth Museum, Moray House, St.

This is perhaps due to the client-based demand for cheaper costs and longevity that can be delivered in the quickest time span.

As a historical heritage and cultural activist too, Carter lectures voluntarily at Moray House, guided by his wealth of engineering experience and backed by extensive research.

It was designed and built by Hadfield nestled on a foundation of greenheart logs and limestone, laid in 1829.

The structure is described by the National Trust of Guyana as “an excellent example of 19th Century Renaissance architecture, stuccoed to resemble stone blocks.” It is one of two doomed buildings that exist in the city and even the original fence boasted ironwork detail support while the gate featured a box column ironwork.

The firm has designed and supervised construction of some of the largest structural and engineering projects including city businesses like Citizen’s Bank, New Building on Camp and South Road, Marian Academy on Carifesta Avenue, Queenstown Masjid and the reconstructed Sacred Heart Church on Main Street.