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The Meteor M2-1 was supposed to detach from the rocket carrying it this morning, soon after it launched.

Those issues affect the country itself, and any failure to launch a satellite will clearly cause damage.

But they have knock-on effects internationally, too – a number of satellites from other countries were on board the destroyed Soyuz rocket, and all are now lost, potentially damaging the country’s reputation as a space giant.

The satellite had also been an important part of the Russian space agency’s plans.

The Meteor M2-1 weather satellite was launched with the hope of a five-year mission to monitor weather and the climate on behalf of the country’s meteorological agency.

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Russia has lost contact with a crucial satellite just hours after it was launched into space.

They still see it as a major boost and as a projection of Russia’s power in the world. It still remains up there as one of these great nations of space, and it certainly doesn’t want to be overtaken by these new countries like India or China,” he said.

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Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, said the satellite had not reached its designated orbit and that it could not make contact with it.

Roscosmos experts were analysing the situation, it said in a statement.

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