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"American Horror Story: Cult," Eden" TV series and what they tell us.

Ad of the Week: IBM "Can Offer Customers What They Want Before They Want It." Homelessness, plas- tics, extinctions, emotional dis-eases on the rise.

Android entered in portrait competition, online trust? "The Case Against Civilization," by John Lanchester, "Tech People," by Nagib Aminy @ Global over-heating/extinctions/air pollution/recalls news.

Indigenous as key to un- derstanding where you live. Late 2017 rampant violence: mass shootings, pig violence. The "Brilliant" episodes 59- 63 on technology critique: Huh? [audio] 2017 music: "Glummest." Urban reality ("The Mega-City, Unleashed'"), plastics in deepest oceans.

Shooting of the week, biggest global oil tanker disaster since 1991, tech take-over of health industry (ads of the week). Joey from Deep Green Bush School in New Zealand reports.

India choking, China becoming a desert, Siberian fires visible from space. The Brilliant with Bellamy (episode 50) and Abe Cabrera (episode 49): ITS losing its "luster," nihilists in retreat?

[audio] Shooting sprees, environmentalism at point zero, daily op-eds on no confidence in govt. in Southwest (street signs melt, jets can't lift off, AC fails, homeless die).

Wolves near Rome, Eagles rip Drones from the skies. [audio] (Last week's show pre-empted by unforeseen sports broadcast.) Kathan co-hosts.