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Gorham A (Patrick Bishop, Babou Gatete, Max Harvey, Sam Prichard), , 97; 2.

BE A (Shane Patterson, Elijah Sleeper, Duy Le, Josiah Sleeper), .75100 Back – 1.

Gorham A (Max Harvey, Nevin Libby, Luke Adams, Brydon Walker), 2: 17.58; 3. BE A (Emily Gryskwicz, Michelina Ruggieri, Caitlin Roberts, Christine Toy), .53200 Free – 1.

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Download the flyer below and share with your youth track organization and/or high school track teams!

Westbrook A (Mohammed Al Robae, Jakob Lynham, Gabe Berry, Fente Sentayehu), .20; 2. Westbrook B (Anne Turmel, Ella Morris, Sadie Cross, Nicole Morse), .70; 3.

Westbrook A (Madison Damon, Emma Sperry, Kallie Cyr, Camryn La Pierre), .34; 2.

Gorham A (Patrick Bishop, Babou Gatete, Sam Prichard, Cody Smith), .99; 2.